Our Team

Meet Maegan Williams - our Caseworker

I was first introduced to the work of JRS while completing my final social work placement within the casework team in August 2019. During this placement, I was amazed at the way the JRS team walked with people seeking asylum within the community and the way they provided hopefulness and practical assistance.

After completing my placement, I knew JRS was an organisation I wanted to work for in the future and in April 2020 I began working within the JRS casework team. Prior to joining JRS, I worked as a youth worker supporting young people experiencing homelessness and providing psychosocial support for students within the education system.

Throughout my studies, I developed a keen interest in the global refugee experience and became aware of the unique challenges people seeking asylum in Australia face.

As a caseworker at JRS, I accompany clients to access necessary supports to assist them while their protection claim is being processed in Australia. I am reminded daily of the strength and resilience of the human spirit by the way clients overcome numerous challenges that people seeking asylum experience. I am proud to work for an organisation that works on numerous levels to fight for inclusion and support for refugees and people seeking asylum within Australia and around the world.