This Christmas, help a refugee become self-reliant

14 December 2022

Among us, who is above must be in service of the others. This doesn’t mean we have to wash each other’s feet every day, but we must help one another.
Pope Francis

Dear friends and members of the JRS Australia family,

The cost-of-living crisis has affected many across Australia. Many refugees and people seeking asylum living in our communities are increasingly unable to afford food, rent and essential medication. JRS Australia is witnessing an increase in critical incidents like severe mental and physical health issues, evictions, large arrears, and homelessness (including people being discharged from hospital with no address to be sent to).

At these critical junctures, JRS Australia is there to hold their hands and help them up as they work to put their lives back on track.

Our team uses a holistic approach to support people, providing opportunities to improve their skills, build their networks, and find employment.


People like Hassan* are recovering from major setbacks, including seven years in offshore detention, with JRS Australia support.

Hassan arrived on Christmas Island by boat and soon after was relocated to Manus Island and held there for nearly seven years. In August 2019, Hassan was brought to mainland Australia, where he hardly knew anyone. JRS Australia provided Hassan financial and food assistance to keep him going during the pandemic. For his ongoing health condition, he received medical support.

In February 2021, he was granted a bridging visa and with it, access to Medicare and the right to work. But at the height of the pandemic, he had no work and knew few people to help him.

We have been supporting Hassan on his journey to self-reliance by providing him tailored employment assistance and other support.

Now, Hassan lives in a shared accommodation and, with the support of the JRS  Australia Employment program, he has secured casual work at Flemington Market.

Hassan is excited about his job and hopes that it would become a permanent position. But he must first obtain a full driver’s licence, so JRS Australia has been supporting him to get there. He is receiving driving lessons with an instructor from his cultural and linguistic background.

Thanks to supporters like you, we can offer accompaniment, services, advocacy, and our hearts and hands to help people in times of vulnerability.

It all adds up

This Christmas we invite you to share your blessings with our sisters and brothers who need it the most. As we mark the 42nd anniversary of JRS, we also invite you to join our monthly giving community and give at least one person the opportunity to live with dignity.

The most impactful way to help more people like Hassan attain self-reliance is to invest a small amount monthly.

  • $10 helps a person seeking asylum access critical medication
  • $25 helps provide a family their basic expenses, including food and rent
  • $50 helps ensure that a caseworker offers support to a person in situations of extreme vulnerability

No matter how much you can share, you will be contributing to people seeking asylum, refugees, and migrants forced into situations of vulnerability in our communities live in dignity. Your gift is 100% tax deductible.

You can donate online via credit card, bank transfer, or by mailing a cheque. Secure online donations can be made through the form above, or by calling the JRS Australia office on (02) 9356 3888, or emailing

Merry Christmas from the JRS Australia family to yours!

In solidarity always,
The JRS Australia Team

*Name have been changed to protect identity