Our Team

Meet Shaheen Whyte - JRS Caseworker

I joined the JRS Casework team in May 2019. As a caseworker I maintain a strong passion for social justice and human rights. Over the years, I’ve learnt a lot about the hardships, challenges and remarkable resilience and courage that people seeking asylum have had to endure, both in Australia and abroad.

Prior to working at JRS, I worked in various roles as a caseworker with people seeking asylum and women impacted by domestic and family violence. I joined JRS because of its reputation as a dedicated and inclusive organisation that strongly advocates the rights of people seeking asylum.

JRS is unique in the sense it has multiple branches to run fundraising campaigns, policy advocacy, community programs, caseworker support and employment services, making it a highly functioning organisation.

At JRS, I’ve had the pleasure to work with an amazing group of people who come from all walks of life and professions with the same goals and aspirations to help people in need.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (ANU), Master of Arts (ANU)