Christmas Cards

Wish your local MP 'Merry Christmas' and remind them that thousands of women, children, and men seeking asylum will continue to be left behind this holiday season.

We invite you to take part in
‘Christmas Cards of Action.’ 

Send a Christmas message to your local MP and remind them that women, children, and men seeking asylum will not be so lucky this holiday season. Hediyeh and Rabia, both young women seeking Australia’s protection, are the talented artists behind the original and intricate art work on these cards.  Join us in sharing season’s greetings with a social justice twist.

If you would like to make a donation for these cards, it is a wonderful way to support people seeking asylum. All funds will go directly to support the people JRS serves, through specialist casework and employment support, emergency relief payment, life-saving medication and housing support.

The fantastic artists with lived experience will receive a percentage of the donations for the cards.


Hediyeh Monfared I was born and raised in Iran. Art has always been a part of my life since I was a child. I have always followed a creative pursuit and have had multiple exhibitions in Iran. I migrated to Australia in 2018 and was privileged to do some volunteer work at two famous galleries in Sydney. My passion is Surreal painting and my aim is to create such pieces that evoke meaningful yet calming and positive responses. I love living in Australia and am looking forward to achieving more success in this wonderful country.

Rabia I am 17 years old and in year 12. I love to draw, paint and design.

Getting involved is easy!

Ways to send the cards
There are two ways you can send the cards – through to the MPs email or by mail to their office.

By email: Choose a card design from the top left boxes, once a donation is made you can add your MPs email address and the card will be sent by email to your MP.
By mail: Below are pdf versions of the cards you can print and send by mail to your MP.

For cards mailed to arrive before offices close for Christmas, please try and send them in the mail before the 11th of December. Click here to find your MP’s details on where to send the card. 

There are four types of cards you can choose from.

  1. A holiday card that can be sent to any MP
  2. A card for if you met with your MP this year
  3. A card for if you would like to add a bible verse on your card
  4. A card for your friends and family

Get your friends and family involved!
Let us remind our decision-makers that although many of us will enjoy the holiday period in peace and with family, people seeking asylum will not. Bring together your friends and family by hosting a letter writing night, a Cook2Connect meal where you get everyone to sign a card at the end or bring some cards to Mass and give them out at the end of the service asking people to sign them.

For any questions or queries, contact Zoe Grant at 

Share a picture with your card and tag JRS on twitter (@JRS_Aus) or on Facebook.
Messages you could use include: “I wished my MP “Dave Sharma” A Merry Christmas and let him know that people seeking protection are left behind over the holiday season. Send your MP a holiday card and a reminder to think of others this Christmas!

Christmas cards for printing

Instructions for printing the cards 

  1. Print the pdf on one page
  2. Folding the printed page into a card: Fold the top half of the paper back so that the graphics are on the outside of both sides. Then fold in half right to left so that the artwork is on front and the message is inside the card.
  3. Address the card to your local MP, signing your name and associated Parish/Social Justice Group if you would like. There is also space on the cards to write your own personalised messages as well.
  4. Place the card in an envelope and address to the MPs office, send the card.