Specialised SGBV casework and emergency relief support is available to women at the JRS Australia's Women's Space in Parramatta.

Our Strengths-Based Approach

The Finding Safety Project’s Sexual and Gender Based Violence Casework is a specialised program, tailored to the unique experiences of individuals. Our caseworkers are highly skilled, combining their own lived expertise and qualifications to provide a holistic approach to their work.

We take a human rights based approach to our work and we centre the clients own experiences in our support, acknowledging that no one knows their situation better than the individual. We uphold the dignity, agency and self-determination of every woman.

Our caseworkers work together with women to:

  • identify goals
  • address immediate safety needs
  • access mainstream services and supports (such as DV refuges or counselling)
  • seek appropriate legal advice
  • navigate the immigration, child protection, health care and justice systems


Did you know?

Help us keep women safe

Women on temporary visas and those seeking asylum are often ineligible for specialist homelessness services like domestic violence refuges.

Without access to Centrelink, financial support, or employment, women without income are often excluded from homelessness services because they do not have clear enough ‘exit pathways.’ We at the Finding Safety project work tirelessly to help services recognise the link between secure housing and the creation of those exit pathways. 

Donate to JRS Australia’s Casework teams so that we can provide financial assistance to women and children fleeing sexual and gender based violence.