Vital support

Specialised SGBV casework and emergency relief support is available to women at the JRS Women's Space in Parramatta.

Casework and Emergency Relief

100% of participants surveyed said “the Women’s Space helped manage my wellbeing in a positive way.”

Thanks to funding from both WomenNSW and MulticulturalNSW, JRS is able to offer specialised SGBV casework and emergency relief support for women at-risk of or experiencing sexual and gender-based violence, including information on safer pathways and appropriate referrals.

The SGBV caseworkers work alongside women in a holistic and trauma informed manner to ensure women are provided timely information and advice on their rights and what services they can access. Casework services ensure women can receive wrap around services, such as financial assistance, material aid, psycho social care, and social inclusion. Pictured above, dedicated Caseworkers like Martina Josephson provide women with support at the JRS Women’s Space. 

 “I felt that I had a safety net because everywhere else I felt persecuted. This space made me feel safe and included. Has helped me with so many facilitations…to regain my dignity. They appreciated my skills and talent, which gave me confidence. For me it was spiritual assistance. This is psychosocial holistic support”

~ A client from the JRS Women’s Space