JRS works with schools interested in being instigators of positive change.

Schools Engagement 

Working with schools is such an important and special way that we connect with the wider community. Schools can support and work with us in a number of ways:

  • Engaging in the JRS Australia Schools Program where we run workshops and students hear from a speaker with lived experience of seeking asylum
  • Excursion to the JRS Australia office to learn about our programs firsthand, meet the team, and join in on helping for the day
  • Running a food drive for the JRS Australia Foodbank
  • Fundraising for essential JRS Australia programs and services
  • Downloading the JRS Action Kit to see other actions your community can take
  • Participating in the JRS Youth Ambassador Program

JRS Australia Schools Program

The JRS Australia Schools Program is an engaging, educational, and eye-opening program that gives students, staff, and parents an opportunity to understand the refugee climate in Australia and globally, on a deeper level. 

A key component of the program is giving students the opportunity to hear from someone with lived experience. Our speakers share about their experience, contributions, and aspirations for a more humane and compassionate Australia. Students are then invited to critically reflect on their values, their positions, and their knowledge of the issues, and are encouraged to ask questions to the speaker and a JRS Australia representative.

This program also serves as paid employment opportunities for leaders with lived experiences.

Presentations are linked to the Australian school curriculum and cover the global, regional, national and local contexts, and often lead to deep discussions about ethics, policy, and the political landscape in contemporary Australia.

Most importantly, students are able to identify ways they can actively be involved in supporting people seeking asylum, refugees, and migrants in vulnerable situations through JRS Australia, beyond the classroom.

School Program Options & Pricing 

A Presentation: 45 minute 

With or without speaker with lived experience

Presentation on JRS work and programs, current refugee context in Australia, hear from a speaker with lived experience or watch a video, learn how to take action. 

B Workshop: 1 hour 

With one or two speakers with lived experience

Presentation on JRS Australia’s work and programs, current refugee context in Australia, hear from one or two speakers with lived experience, Q&A time with our speakers, learn how to take action. 

Depending on group size- workshop time to take action (plan for food drive, write letters to MP, come up with creative ideas, plan advocacy action etc).

C Community Conversation: 1.5 hours

With two speakers with lived experience

A Community Conversation is a way for students and/or staff to share, learn, and commit to action on issues of social justice. This program emphasises respectful dialogue and mutual sharing of personal stories around the values that are important to us. Speakers with lived experience share their stories and afterwards participants have time to process this, reflect, and ask questions. The goal is to build solidarity and to find common ground in our shared values.

What is needed: 

  • Participants sitting in groups of 5
  • Small group leaders, 1 for every 6 participants
D Excursion to JRS Australia in Parramatta: 2 hours

With one speaker with lived experience

This program gives students and/or staff the opportunity to see for themselves how everything runs at JRS Australia and to be part of it.

During the excursion participants learn about JRS Australia’s work firsthand by meeting our different teams onsite (complex case work, foodbank, employment), get a tour of the JRS Australia office, understand the current Australian refugee context and to volunteer in our important programs. For example, packing vital food and toiletries bags or helping the dispatch team prepare for foodbank deliveries. 

Please note we can only take 8 participants for this program.

It is only available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Please enquire about the cost for JRS Australia to speak at your school as it varies depending on the program chosen and the number of participants. A fee of $250 is added on for every speaker with lived experience which goes directly to the speaker.

It is thanks to schools and communities like yours that we are able to serve our clients. We do not want the cost to be prohibitive for any schools, if you would like to speak further about options please get in touch.

How to book a school presentation

Thank you for your interest in the JRS Australia Schools Program. To book please download the booking form here and send to

Contact for more information on how to connect with JRS Australia