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Meet Kevser Pirbudak - JRS Caseworker

I began working with JRS in September 2020 as a caseworker. My previous experience has been in the settlement sector, with the Australian Refugee Association in South Australia as the coordinator of youth services. Social work and personal values have brought me here.  I believe all people deserve an opportunity to be protected and supported in vulnerable situations. This is the reason I decided to join JRS as it is working in various parts of the world doing this work for some of the most vulnerable individuals- those seeking asylum.

My role as a caseworker involves meeting incredibly resilient individuals and families on a daily basis, who do their absolute best to survive. Being able to contribute to an individual or family’s quality of life through JRS is something that I highly value. Being on the frontline often involves assessing people’s situation, providing information as required, referrals¬† and advocacy.

The people we work with are limited with access to resources and these are resources that we would consider as general human rights. I have heard of tragic experiences that clients have experienced, yet seeing their motivation and overcoming those experiences has been an empowering experience for me.

The JRS mission of accompanying, serving and advocating is a daily practice that is evident in the work of JRS staff and volunteers. Although we often come in contact with people during crisis or difficult times, it is encouraging to see clients on the other side, past all the difficulties and I have had the privilege of witnessing this on many occasions. This is how I know that JRS is making such a positive impact on the lives of people seeking asylum.

Qualification: Bachelor of Social work University of South Australia