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Meet Martina Josephson - JRS Caseworker

I joined the JRS Casework team in May 2019. As a caseworker, I support refugees and people seeking asylum who are living in the community in Sydney to access available supports and services through JRS and other agencies.

Throughout my studies I became aware of the plight and unique challenges faced by refugees and people seeking asylum, which developed my passion for working in this space. Prior to joining JRS, I worked in various roles as a caseworker with people seeking asylum, refugees and women impacted by domestic and family violence.

I joined JRS because I was attracted to its focus on advocacy and its mission to serve and walk alongside people on their journey to seeking protection in Australia. I am lucky to have the opportunity to work with and serve such a resilient, talented, and diverse group of people.

JRS not only provides a place of welcome and support to people seeking asylum, but is committed to filling the gap in service provision when people find themselves with nowhere else to turn for support. This makes my work challenging, but also incredibly fulfilling and important.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Social Sciences, UNSW

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  • Reflections from the Frontline – COVID-19 and people seeking asylum. Read Martina’s reflection on serving people in the pandemic here. Since the time of writing, Martina now is a JRS Caseworker at our JRS Women’s Space.