JRS Australia Celebrates the Critical Work of Our Volunteers

As part of the National Volunteer Week, JRS Australia held an event at St Patrick’s Cathedral in Parramatta to celebrate the work of our volunteers, whose contributions are the bedrock of the services we provide.

Volunteers help us provide critical support, such as the delivery of food supplies to families experiencing hardship. In 2022, 286 dedicated volunteers donated 7,000 hrs of service, helping JRS Australia provide the following:

  • Over 10,000 food parcels and/or food payments in 2022, an average of 200 households per week;
  • Specialist casework support for 1,081 people;
  • Women’s space services in 1,196 instances;
  • JRS Australia Schools Program runs workshops and students hear from speakers with lived experience of seeking asylum; and
  • Employment services for 159 people with 50 employment program partners

In recognition of these vital contributions, JRS Australia Country Director Tamara Domicelj thanked our volunteers at the event.

Inspiring conversations, thankful talks and presentations from our JRS Australia team.

Great discussions, meeting new volunteers, sharing delicious fresh food.

The volunteers had a great time!

JRS Australia served delicious healthy food at the Cloister Function Room of the Parramatta Archdioces and provided gifts to our volunteers.

We welcome your continued volunteering and invite people to also join this great life changing work.

Get involved! Or email volunteers@jrs.org.au

We’d love to discuss how you might like to contribute.