Our Team

Meet Leonie Dyer - Employment Coordinator of the Empowered to Work program.

I joined the team in July 2017. Our employment program, Empowered to Work, assists clients to find pathways to training and employment opportunities. We create resumes, open the door to job searching, provide guidance for job interviews and facilitate workplace mentoring. I work with a team of fantastic volunteers to meet a diverse range of client employment needs each week.

I wanted to join JRS because I felt they aligned with my own values regarding empowering people seeking asylum in our community. The JRS staff are  knowledgeable and experienced; I knew I would be able to learn and develop personally and professionally.
I’ve learnt the true definition of resilience. It’s incredible to see clients who have had full lives and careers in their home countries start all over again, often taking on training and employment at entry level. I’ve witnessed them working through the barriers to employment in Australia and rebuild their working lives.
I love working at JRS for the diversity of people, culture and experiences we meet every day. I’m also inspired to work alongside the every day kindness and compassion of the staff and volunteers. It’s not always easy but we work together to accompany our clients with dignity and care.