Media engagement

JRS Australia's media engagement (2018 - 2020) is listed below


Service calls for protection of refugees of people displaced by crisis [in Myanmar]CathNews – 25 May 2021

New law puts refugees at risk of ‘indefinite detention’CathNews – 24 May 2021

Reflections of a volunteer – the back room of the frontlineCatholic Outlook – 21 May 2021

Good Sams help refugees with medical costs – CathNews – 12 May 2021

A wave of homelessness could be about to hit Australia as rules preventing evictions endSBS News – 26 March 2021

Locked in Locked outEureka Street, 23 March 2021

Alarm sounded over NSW rent moratorium end – 7 News Australia, 10 March 2021

2021 Community Voices participants announced – Radio Info, 22 February 2021

Council supports local community groups – Mirage News5 February 2021

JRS has a new Director!Catholic Outlook, 6 January 2021


Be Hope in the Darkness – Catholic Outlook, 26 December 2020

CAPSA Holders First Webinar – Catholic Outlook, 23 December 2020

Children of people seeking asylum left hungry as impact of COVID-19 crisis deepensThe Advocate, 22 December 2020

Australia’s Refugee Poverty Crisis worsens – The West Australian, 18 December 2020

COVID triggers tsunami of need among asylum seekers – SBC News, 18 December 2020

Fears hundreds of refugees could become homelessABC News, 27 October 2020

Hundreds of asylum seekers like Rana and her family placed on six-month final departure bridging visasABC News, 27 October 2020

Refugee organisations react to the 2020 – 2021 Australian Federal BudgetCatholic Outlook, 16 October 2020

JRS Australia joins partners in calling for #NoChildLeftBehind, Catholic Outlook, 12 September 2020 

Catholics push for more asylum-seeker support, CathNews, 10 September 2020 

Women facing violence need protection – and their visa status shouldn’t matter, Crikey News, 7 September 2020 

Australian charities are struggling with demand: the Coalition will rue turning its back on them, Michael West News, 22 August 2020 

Urgent Call for Volunteers: Jesuit Refugee ServiceThe Catholic Weekly, 5 August 2020 

New report shows refugees and asylum seekers at risk of homelessness due to COVID-19, Catholic Outlook, 31 July 2020

Working to extend the safety net, The South Sydney Herald, 8 July 2020 

Awards acknowledge the ‘best of humanity in action’, Fairfield City Champion, 29 June 2020

How can you help refugees and asylum seekers in the COVID-19 emergency? Catholic Outlook, 12 June 2020

Social justice groups welcome support for multicultural communities affected by COVID-19, Catholic Outlook, 12 June 2020 

Many refugees on brink of homelessness during shutdown, ABC Radio (The World Today), 10 June 2020 

A matter of life and death’: how women on temporary visas are surviving under lockdown, SBS Voices, 11 May 2020 

Australian Catholic leaders have written to the Prime Minister for his help supporting the most need, The Catholic Leader, 7 May 2020 

Australian Catholic leaders join appeal to protect migrants during COVID-19 crisis, Crux News, 5 May 2020 

Urgent support call for asylum seekers, The Catholic Weekly, 2 May 2020 

Jesuit Refugee Service – “we need help”, The South Sydney Herald, 30 April 2020 

Australian Catholics ask Prime Minister to ensure nobody is left behind in COVID-19 pandemic, Catholic Outlook, 29 April 2020

Jesuit Refugee Service on the COVID-19 front line, Catholic Outlook, 16 April 2020 

COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate, nor should we, Eureka Street, 6 April 2020 

These People Are Facing The Coronavirus Without Jobs or Medicare, Buzzfeed News, 6 April 2020

This Charity Set People On Their Feet For Years. In The Coronavirus Outbreak, Old Clients Are Returning, Buzzfeed News, 1 April 2020 

Why Palm Sunday Matters, Insights Magazine, 9 March 2020 


Refugees in PNG’s Bomana face grim conditions, Radio NZ, 19 December 2019 

Allies keeping faith despite Medevac blow, Eureka Street, 12 December 2019 

Repeal of Medevac ‘barbaric’ according to Catholic leaders, Catholic Outlook, 6 December 2019 

Risking life in PNG limbo, The Saturday Paper, 15 November 2019 

Visiting the men of Manus was upsetting and inspiring, CathNews, 19 November 2019 

A visit among the men of Manus, Eureka Street, 18 November 2019 

Delegation meets asylum-seekers in PNG, CathNews, 11 November 2019 

National Refugee rallies say “hands off Medevac”, Scoop Independent News, 8 November 2019 

Catholic preschools open doors to asylum seeker children, The Catholic Weekly, 25 October 2019 

States step up funding for asylum seekers after federal cuts hit people on bridging visas, SBS News, 9 September 2019 

Asylum seekers lack support for years, The Catholic Weekly, 18 July 2019

Jesuits warn on refugee cuts, The Catholic Weekly, 21 June 2019 

JRS Australia welcomes new report on people seeking asylum in the Australian community, Catholic Outlook, 19 July 2019

Self harm rising among asylum seekers cut off from income support, advocates warn, SBS News, 17 July 2019 


Welfare groups protest cuts to asylum-seeker support, CathNews, 19 June 2018 

Two Jesuit social ministries sign MOU to help provide a Catholic welcome for asylum seekers, Catholic Outlook, 7 June 2019 

Separating refugee policy from politics, Eureka Street, 6 June 2019 

Peter Dutton’s department regains control of refugee settlement services, Guardian Australia, 29 May 2019 

The mother’s group supporting Australia’s vulnerable asylum seekers, SBS News, 11 May 2019

Global compact a missed opportunity for Australia, The Southern Cross, 30 January 2019 

At the GCM in Marrakech, Al Jazeera, 12 December 2018 

Refugee Rights Activists from Across Asia Denounce Australia’s Decision to Withdraw from the Global Compact for Migration, Relief Web, 22 November 2018 

Australia refuses to sign UN migration pact, citing risks to turnbacks and detention, Guardian Australia, 21 November 2018

Faith leaders on the frontline in former PM’s seat, Eternity News, 11 October 2018 

A Migrant and Refugee Week stocktake, Eureka Street, 20 August 2018 

Planned destitution of people seeking asylum: An “act of grace?”, Right Now Magazine, 20 August 2018 

Australian Government is Causing a Humanitarian Crisis, Sydney Criminal Lawyers, 12 July 2018 

Community Sector Protests Cuts to Asylum Seeker Support Payments, Pro Bono Australia, 18 June 2018 

Asylum seekers ‘face destitution’ as income support and housing cut off, Guardian Australia, 17 May 2018

Our Words at UN Belie Our Actions, Hope 103.2 Radio, 26 April 2018 

Asylum Cuts Alarm Agencies, CathNews, 12 April 2018