Christmas Appeal 2023

14 December 2023

Each year, thanks to the wonderful generosity of our supporters, JRS Australia accompanies, serves and advocates for and with around 3,000 refugees and people seeking asylum.

This year in particular has brought unprecedented challenges – for us here in Australia, and for displaced people and the humanitarian community world-wide.

In such difficult times, we are greatly inspired by the resilience and leadership of the people we work alongside, and we draw strength and purpose from each other.

We turn our heads, hearts, and hands towards the people and places where needs are greatest, and we do what we can together to make a difference.

The people we accompany, serve and advocate for at JRS Australia bring with great promise of a brighter, more welcoming future. 

Their stories offer us the opportunity to learn about each other, connect to our common humanity, and in doing so, keep the candle of hope burning bright. 

This Christmas, let’s harness the hope for peace that the season brings and channel our faith into action.

Let’s listen to the stories of refugees and people seeking asylum, who go to incredible lengths to find peace and safety in Australia, and answer their call.

Let’s come together during this giving season.

Brothers, sisters, let us face these problems together; let us not cause hope to shipwreck; let us together make a mosaic of peace!
Pope Francis

If you are in a position to do so, please consider donating to JRS Australia this Christmas

Help us support refugees and people seeking asylum – and the hope they carry with them – this Christmas time. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of this community. 


In solidarity,

Tamara Domicelj
Country Director, JRS Australia