Easter Appeal 2022

04 April 2022

Christian love is always concrete. It consists more in actions than in words, more in giving than receiving.
Pope Francis

Dear friends and members of the JRS Australia family,

In the lead up to the Easter Triduum, we hope you and your loved ones are well and safe.
As we celebrate Easter and the resurrection of Christ, we reflect upon the hope and joy of this season but also the growing agony and despair that our forcibly displaced sisters and brothers are experiencing today. The year so far has unfolded with many tragedies and challenges, however JRS Australia looks forward to the hope of new beginnings that Easter brings.

During this era of unprecedented forced displacement, we continue to walk with the people we serve on their desolate journey in the pursuit of safety for themselves and families. As a refugee or person seeking asylum, finding a place of safety and comfort to call home while battling the persecution and trauma of life can often feel insurmountable.

We join Mani* on his journey to safety.

After the death of both his parents, Mani travelled to Australia alone almost 10 years ago in hopes of finding a better life for himself and his two siblings who he was forced to leave behind in his home country. Since arriving in Australia, Mani has gone through the lengthy and exhausting process of seeking asylum which has taken a detrimental toll on his physical and mental health.

Mani is grieving the endless separation from family, the years he lost being held in immigration detention and the time he has spent sleeping rough on Sydney streets. Due to chronic physical health issues which require daily medication and treatment, Mani has limited opportunities for employment. The last few years he has relied on charities and homeless shelters for support. He explains that he needs practical solutions, including a permanent visa that allows him to heal and the ability to settle.

Mani recently found accommodation through his cultural community and for the first time in a long time, has a bedroom of his own, in exchange for cooking and cleaning for the house. Mani contacted JRS Australia when he was asked to vacate the house, as the homeowner could no longer afford to keep the room vacant for him.

JRS Australia assisted Mani so he could remain in his current accommodation. JRS Australia has also been providing Mani with foodbank deliveries and financial support to cover the cost of his medication.

With the help of a JRS Australia specialist Caseworker, Mani is working on setting goals for his future including taking steps to improve his mental health, finding meaningful employment, addressing outstanding legal matters, and finding ways to build his social support network.

Mani is one of the thousands of individuals and families JRS Australia have supported during the pandemic.

Unfortunately JRS continues to receive many calls from individuals like Mani, or families with children who fear how they will pay rent, buy food, formula, nappies or buy medicine. It’s only thanks to generous people like you, that JRS can continue to respond to urgent crises each day.

JRS Australia provides specialist casework support, psycho-social support, access to legal assistance, Foodbank access, emergency relief payments, employment assistance, and specialist support for women and their children who have experienced or are at risk of sexual and gender-based violence.

This Easter, our sisters and brothers that have suffered so much trauma in their home country and on their migration journey are confronted with further systemic challenges to survive in our community.

JRS Australia does not receive funding from the Federal Government. We are only able to serve over 3,800 children, women, and men each year with your financial support. Your donation today can contribute to our important advocacy work for the rights of refugees and people seeking asylum.

By donating today you will give joy and hope to families and individuals who were forced to flee their home and that need life-saving assistance. Your gift enables us to work so that more people who have been forced to flee their homes may, as Pope Francis hopes, “feel “at home” and part of the one human family”.

You can donate online, simply mailing a cheque, or by calling the JRS office on (02) 9356 3888. Your generous gift is 100% tax deductible.

Thank you so much in advance for your solidarity and compassion, and thank you for supporting JRS as we work for a world where all forcibly displaced people can attain lasting protection.

On behalf of the JRS Australia family, we wish you and your family a peaceful and joyful Easter!
The JRS Australia Team