Federal Election Outcome: Australians voted with refugees

24 May 2022

#4Words campaign

We begin this week with hope in our hearts and the very real prospect that, amidst other welcome changes, long-sought reforms to Australia’s harsh refugee policies may finally be realised, with life-saving effect.

Australians have voted for a more compassionate and inclusive future for refugees, people seeking asylum, and other forcibly displaced people, amongst others, and we warmly welcome and are grateful for that.

The results of this election and the change in government brings promises of an end to temporary protection for those living on TPVs and SHEVs, the prospect of reunification for families who have endured years of enforced separation, an increase to Australia’s annual humanitarian intake, an end to the damaging ‘Fast Track’ visa process, a safety net for refugees, constraints on indefinite immigration detention, and more.

Refugees and people seeking asylum have faced many years of harsh and cruel government policies and JRS Australia stands alongside them in solidarity to celebrate the start of the end of this era.

We recognise and thank the extraordinary refugee and diaspora leaders who have led a powerful movement of change with dignity, tenacity and courage, and guided our collective efforts to realise a brighter and welcoming future.

And we thank our wonderful community of supporters and fellow advocates for your dedicated efforts and enduring belief in an equitable and compassionate future for refugees and people seeking asylum.

It is our privilege to work with you all.

As we stand on the cusp of change and look to the future with hope there is much work to be done to realise promised reforms. JRS Australia will continue to walk alongside those whom we serve, and together with diaspora leaders, and our supporters and sector at large, we look forward to working with the incoming government to realise its agenda and to holding them accountable to their commitments.