Media Release: Advocacy group releases response to Federal Budget 2024

16 May 2024

The National Advocacy Group on Women on Temporary Visas Experiencing Violence has issued a response to this week’s Federal Budget.

Despite significant calls to recognise the urgency of women’s safety as a national priority, the budget measures announced on Tuesday are an inadequate response to a growing national crisis.

Australia’s migration system continues to put women at risk of violence.

Perpetrators use visa status as a threat to keep women in violent relationships. Visa status prevents many women and children from accessing social services, housing and healthcare, which are essential to escape violence. Specialist domestic and family violence support services continue to be substantially underfunded to respond to the needs of women and children.

The group is asking the Government to take note of the key asks from the 2022 Blueprint for Reform which recognises and responds to a range of barriers for women on temporary visas.

Download the full Response here.

About the Advocacy Group

The National Advocacy Group are experts from across Australia who are calling on the Australian Government to adopt the recommendations from the 2022 Blueprint for Reform. Adopting and implementing the recommendations in the Blueprint will help to ensure the safety of all victims/survivors of family violence.

Media and other queries should be directed to the Executive of the National Advocacy Group:

JRS Australia’s Finding Safety Project

JRS Australia is an executive member of this National Advocacy Group, offering expertise and insights from our work through the Finding Safety Project, which offers casework, emergency relief and community support to women on temporary visas who are at risk of, or have experienced, sexual and gender-based violence.