Our Board

Catherine Verschuer - member of the JRS Australia board.

Catherine has performed many roles over the years, chiefly in the areas of education, design and content creation. She has worked as a volunteer English teacher to asylum seekers and refugees and in marketing and design for non-profit organisations. A common theme in Catherine’s work and interests has been supporting community and social justice causes. As Chair of The Magnolia Foundation, Catherine has had the opportunity to observe a variety of social enterprises in action and has gained useful insights into the not-for-profit sector.

Catherine has two sons who have been educated in the Ignatian tradition at St Aloysius College and feels a deep connection to the Jesuit philosophy and admiration for their commitment to service and social justice. 

Qualifications: Bachelor of Education, Secondary (ACU); Certificate in TESOL(ACU); Diplomas in Graphic and Surface Design (ISCD); Diploma in Interior Design (ISCD). 

Catherine Verschuer has been a JRS Australia board member since September, 2018.