Peace Artisans

Like artisans, we can craft a peaceful future by taking concrete actions that draw us closer to each other.

Increasing global challenges and instability are weakening efforts toward achieving peace. When hope is hard to find, divisions provoke social conflicts, frustrations, and violence.

Women, men, and children forced to flee their homes are among those paying the highest price. Some experience incredible hardship on their journey to safety and are often met with hostility in their host countries. Others are left at the margins, with their needs neglected and their voices unheard.

Together We Can Create Peaceful Societies

These situations can be overwhelming, but there is hope. JRS accompanies forcibly displaced people in the most forgotten contexts. Every day we witness the difference that simple gestures of compassion, solidarity, and welcome can make.

We can all contribute to creating a better future for everyone. Like Artisans use their skills, passion, and creativity to patiently craft unique items, we too can devote our time and care to create peaceful communities. Each of us can carry out simple acts of kindness, fraternity, and dialogue that can draw us closer to each other.

Be artisans of peace, around you and within you; ambassadors of peace, so that the world can discover the beauty of love, of living together, of fraternity and solidarity.
Pope Francis

Let’s join Pope Francis’ call to be Peace Artisans and take concrete actions in our daily life to live together in peace.