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Research and Commentary

JRS Australia and Vinnies NSW Policy Briefs, June 2021

Access to family reunion for refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia, June 2021

Access to a safety net for people seeking asylum in Australia, June 2021

 A fair refugee status determination process for people seeking asylum in Australia, June 2021

An end to offshore processing in Australia’s asylum policies, June 2021

Permanent protection for all refugees in Australia, June 2021

Refugee Week 2021 School Fact Sheet, June 2021

Recent reports: 

Seeking Protection in a Pandemic: COVID-19 and the Future of Asylum, April 2021.

Speaking Up, Speaking Out, Speaking With: Advocacy Challenges for Civil Society’s Work with Migrants in Vulnerable Situations by Dr. Eve Lester, May 2020.

COVID-19 and people seeking protection in the Australian community: Preliminary Impact and Discussion Paper, April 2020.

Foundations Housing Project: A Scoping Study on Housing for People seeking Asylum & Strategic Areas of Action towards Housing for All, March 2020

Strangers No More: How Australia’s leaders can welcome, promote, protect, and integrate forced migrants, JRS Australia policy statement, Federal Election, April 2019

Free From Violence Against Women and Girls, September 2018, September 2018.

Recent academic publications: 

Gottardo, C., and Rego, N (2021). “The Global Compact for Migration (GCM), International Solidarity and Civil Society Participation: a Stakeholder’s Perspective.Human Rights Review, (Available online, issue forthcoming).

Rego, N and Gottardo, C. (2020), ‘The Australian border and its discontents.’ In A.A. Mateos SJ, M.G. Duran SJ, C.E. Villasenor, and J.I. Martinez (Eds.), Migratory Flows at the Borders of Our World (pp. 299 – 330). Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

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Gottardo, C and Cyment, P (2019), “The Global Compact for Migration: what could it mean for women and gender relations?” Gender and Development, 27(1), 67 – 83.

Recent commentary: 

Carolina Gottardo and Paola Cyment, “How COVID-19 affects women in migration,” Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, September 2020

Carolina Gottardo, “COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate, nor should we,” Eureka Street, April 2020

Carolina Gottardo and Nishadh Rego, “Allies keeping faith despite Medevac blow,” Eureka Street, December 2019

Carolina Gottardo, “A visit among the men of Manus,” Eureka Street, November 2019

Sarah Brown, “Protecting women seeking asylum from violence – Is Australia doing enough?”, Broad Agenda, September 2019

Carolina Gottardo and Nishadh Rego, “Separating refugee policy from politics,” Eureka Street, June 2019

Carolina Gottardo, Nishadh Rego, and Lars Stenger, “Indonesian Perspective on Medevac,” Eureka Street, February 2019

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Carolina Gottardo and Nishadh Rego, “A Migrant and Refugee Stocktake,” Eureka Street, August 2018

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Nishadh Rego, “Deterrence by Punishment: A Critical Overview of Policies Towards Asylum Seekers in the ‘Legacy Caseload,'” Asylum Insight, February 2018


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