Serving people seeking asylum through their journeys of seeking protection.

Service is central to the JRS mission.

Australia has one of the most punitive and unwelcoming systems in the world on migration. This reality has a devastating impact on people seeking asylum, residing both onshore and offshore.

Our team serves people seeking asylum through their often arduous journeys of seeking protection in various and multifaceted ways.

Through JRS’ Sydney Community Spaces, people seeking asylum are helped through the complicated legal process of seeking protection by agency links with legal experts who provide support to our clients, free of charge. Our spaces also provide critical and lifesaving support such as a Foodbank and Casework support (pictured above).

At our main Community Space in Sydney, JRS Australia hosts community programs that foster a sense of belonging, agency, and welcome such as playgroup, English classes, a community garden, employment programs, community lunches, and many other activities.

The Women’s Space located in Parramatta serves as a safe haven for women seeking protection. As part of a groundbreaking JRS project known as ‘Finding Safety‘, the space provides training and assistance to prevent and/or overcome domestic-and-gender-based violence. The space also facilitates women seeking asylum and refugee women to partake in leadership and advocacy-based opportunities as well as hosting skills-development programs to facilitate agency.