Both a soft entry point to our program and an opportunity for healing and recovery - our events are for all women to connect together in solidarity.

At the Finding Safety Project, we recognise that appropriate and accessible supports, when and when needed can be both preventative and facilitate healing and recovery. We are proud to be able to hold regular community gatherings for women seeking asylum and those on temporary visas, women who have had difficult migration journeys and supporters across the community. 

Regular events we hold include:

  • International Women’s Day
  • Eid/Easter women’s celebration
  • Mother’s Day Gathering for women

At our events, you will find friendly staff and volunteers, activities and performances, free on-site childcare and activities, food and drinks and the chance to meet new people, share stories and build companionship.

To find out more about our upcoming events, please reach out to the finding safety team on 0422 065 549 or email