Volunteer Story: Neil shares his experience at the JRS Australia front desk

08 April 2024

JRS Australia volunteer Neil Quark is one of the friendly faces that welcomes refugees and people seeking asylum who visit our office.

Our volunteers help us out in so many unique ways, supporting the work we do alongside refugees and people seeking asylum. Hear from Neil about his experience volunteering at our front desk.

“I am Neil Quirk and I volunteer at JRS Australia’s office in Parramatta every Thursday.

My work is in reception. I welcome everyone who walks in the door to find out what their needs are. Those who have come to receive support from the caseworkers or volunteers are directed to where they need to go. Most visitors come here to collect food – and sometimes clothing.

The food is ready for them to pack from the prepared boxes into their own bags. The boxes
have a small range of basic food in cans or packets such as rice, pasta, beans and sugar etc., as well as some toiletries, oil, tea, or coffee. The contents of the boxes varies each fortnight depending on what has been donated.

What drives me in this work, yet humbles me at the same time, is helping refugees and people seeking asylum get some of the help they need.
Neil, JRS Australia Volunteer

Another aspect of my work with JRS Australia is to deliver food parcels to some families
who are not able to collect them from the Parramatta office. I do this every second week on
my way home from the office.

What drives me in this work, yet humbles me at the same time, is helping refugees and
people seeking asylum get some of the help they need – and seeing the appreciation they
have for any assistance they receive. I am also inspired by the people who work and
volunteer here, and the generosity they have with their time and efforts.”

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Interested in volunteering?

We are always looking to welcome new volunteers into our community at JRS Australia. Whether you’re driven by an interest in refugees and people seeking asylum, you’re wanting to learn some new skills, or you’re looking to spend time with a group of like-minded individuals who want to give their time to a good cause – there is always a place for you here.

To get involved and make a difference for refugees and people seeking asylum, please get in touch with us:

  • Call us on (02) 9098 9336
  • Email our Volunteers Coordinator: volunteers@jrs.org.au
  • Fill in the Volunteer Application Form here