Housing Survey – A Place to Call Home

23 July 2024

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As part of the ‘A Place to Call Home’ research project in partnership with Western Sydney University, we recently conducted qualitative interviews with people seeking asylum on their experiences of home and homelessness.

Drawing on these insights, JRS and Western Sydney University have developed a 20 minute survey to gather data about housing and related issues for people seeking asylum in Sydney and across Australia.

The survey is unique in accounting for the multiple political and socio-economic exclusions faced by people seeking asylum.

Responses will enable us to present descriptive data on people’s experience of housing, home, and homelessness, draw connections between variables and better support people with housing. The data will also enable us to understand the distinct homelessness risks and experiences amongst people seeking asylum to develop and advocate unique solutions.  The survey is a pilot and we anticipate conducting it annually.

If you are an organisation working with people seeking asylum, we invite you to share the survey with people you support. The survey will be open till 31 March 2021, and participants will go into a draw each week until then to win a $30 voucher.

Key information: 

Complete the survey here:

Information for participants is here, and within the survey.

You can download a PDF copy of the survey here.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to roll it out yourself, or receive findings.

For more information please contact Anjali Roberts, Research and Policy (Housing) anjali.roberts@jrs.org.au