Our Team

Molly Jackson - Digital Media and Communications Coordinator

I come to JRS with experience in media, law and human rights – and a lifelong commitment to supporting people who experience marginalisation, disenfranchisement and injustice both in Australia, and globally.

I am lucky to have worked with and for people from migrant and refugee backgrounds in a number of capacities.

My university career focused on the intersections between climate change, human rights and migration, for which I received a scholarship to study and work in Hong Kong. Whilst there, I worked with the Mekong Club in their mandate to end Modern Slavery, and the Domestic Worker Empowerment Project advocating for the rights of migrant workers.

I also spent three years as a commercial lawyer in Hong Kong and in Sydney before joining Amnesty International Australia’s legal team as a volunteer in 2021. Most recently, I worked as the Public Affairs and Academic Relations Contractor at the Canadian High Commission in Australia, focusing on key advocacy areas including refugee policy, climate change and women’s rights.

I am passionate about the power of shared stories to uplift people, build community, and generate brave collective action. I am grateful and proud to be able to do this at JRS in service of the resilient and inspiring people who come to Australia seeking asylum, often encountering incredible hardship along the way, and who ultimately make Australia a better place.

Molly is a New Colombo Plan Scholar and qualified lawyer with a Bachelor in Law and International Relations from Griffith University and a Masters of Counselling from Torrens University.