I began working as the Employment Coordinator with JRS Australia in January 2021. Prior to this, I worked within the settlement and humanitarian sector with various organisations including, the Community Migrant Resource Centre (CMRC), The Refugee Council of Australia, the Shakti NSW Refugee and Migrant support group, and the Lebanese Muslim Association on various initiatives including education, employment and well-being. I have worked on capacity-building programs for refugee and migrant communities for nearly three years supporting youth by developing innovative solutions to access employment and education opportunities in Australia.

My previous role involved a local not-for-profit in Afghanistan, as the Program Development Manager with Afghan Women Educational Center in Kabul. Here my work focused on gender-responsive capacity building for communities across Afghanistan. This includes developing education and employment programs that increase engagement of women and youth with private and education sectors. Ultimately supporting them to access opportunities for growth and development. Through this experience, I have learned more about evidence-based practices and approaches that facilitate processes of meaningful employment.

I am very passionate about providing platforms and tools for marginalised groups in our society to make informed decisions for themselves. I really value the work that goes behind JRS Australia as it does not only stand to serve communities but works hard to ensure their rights are met and duty bearers are held accountable. This approach to development is very important when working with refugees and people seeking asylum as they deserve to live with the same dignity as others in society. In particular, my role as the Employment Coordinator focuses on ensuring refugees and people seeking asylum have the same access to opportunities as other members of society. This means challenging rhetoric on perceptions of newly arrived communities and working to ensure their rights are met.