Burmese children study Burmese, Thai, and English at the JRS Burmese training centre in Ranong to catch up with the Thai school system.

Our Strategy

JRS Australia Strategic Plan 2019 – 2022

Goal 1: To support refugees, people seeking asylum, and migrants in vulnerable situations to be leaders, advocates and agents of change, while ensuring that their rights, needs and ambitions are promoted

We will:

  • Enhance and increase leadership opportunities for people seeking asylum, refugees and migrants in vulnerable situations to fulfil our mission.
  • Take a holistic approach to service delivery, promoting the ambitions and strengths of individuals at each stage of process.
  • Increase opportunities for people with lived experience to join JRS’ staff, volunteer team and board.

Goal 2: To promote Ignatian values, human rights, gender equality and diversity in all areas of our work

We will:

  • Ensure that JRS staff and volunteers understand and uphold JRS and Ignatian values and the Universal Apostolic Preferences, including through specific training.
  • Promote the human rights of refugees, people seeking asylum and migrants in vulnerable situations and embed a human rights based approach through all of JRS’ work, including through specific training.
  • Promote gender equality and the voices of women with lived experience, including through maintaining a program specifically for women.
  • Embrace diversity and inclusion and promote the rights of marginalised groups.

Goal 3: To be trusted leaders in person-centred service provision, walking with refugees, people seeking asylum and migrants in vulnerable situations

We will:

  • Accompany and serve people at all stages of the asylum process including migrants in vulnerable situations, recognising the inherent rights and dignity of each person.
  • Deliver specialist services and accompaniment by trained staff with consistency and professionalism
  • Partner with organisations that align with our values for the benefit of the people we serve and strive to learn and promote best practice.
  • Develop person-centred, flexible and responsive services reflecting the concerns of the people we serve, including identifying and filling gaps in services.

Goal 4: To collectively grow a powerful movement for systemic change that includes evidence-based advocacy, lobbying, community organising and campaigning

We will:

  • Identify, train and support a network of leaders with lived experience to self-advocate and to organise their communities to effect systemic change.
  • Identify, train and support a network of faith based communities to self-organise and effect systemic change
  • Develop and maintain an evidence-based policy and advocacy agenda on key issues prioritised by the people we serve; and in alignment with JRS’ local, national, regional and global strategy and
  • Utilise a range of communications tools and platforms including an effective website to amplify voices and advocacy.

Goal 5: To be a financially sustainable, professional and accountable organisation

We will:

  • Develop and implement a fundraising strategy that is effective in securing a broader donor base and work to diversify funding sources.
  • Support and grow the professionalism and wellbeing of our staff, volunteers and board through training and development.
  • Review, update and implement policies and procedures to enhance our accountability.
  • Develop and enhance our monitoring and evaluation framework to measure impact.