Our Team

Rose Maninytia - Casework and Emergency Relief Manager

My journey with JRS Australia began in May 2019, as a volunteer in our Westmead office “Arrupe Place”, and at our Women’s Space 6 months after I arrived in Australia.

Previously, I worked at a refugee settlement in the west Nile region of Uganda, providing
legal support for victim-survivors of SGBV.

My passion for humanitarian work led me to working with JRS Australia. When I arrived in Australia I searched for services working with refugees in New South Wales on the internet, and JRS came up. I then contacted the office to volunteer – and 5 years on I’m here!

My employment history with JRS started as an intake and referral officer, a role I was in for a year, I was then offered the role of complex and SGBV caseworker, I was in this role for a one year and recently I have been appointed as the casework and emergency relief manager.

I want to develop my career in the humanitarian field and if an opportunity presents to make myself better and serve in a better capacity, I’m always up for it.

The clients I work with motive me, inspire me and challenge me. They have gone through a lot and yet they still remain resilient and with strong spirit. I want to be able to serve and
accompany them in the best way I can.

I’m very grateful to JRS for giving me the platform and opportunity to serve and accompany some of the most vulnerable members of our community.